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What’s in a holdall?


The holdall is a plastic smartcard card that fits into your wallet or purse.

Your card can hold –

Pre-paid tickets

Pay-as-you-go travel cash with sQuid

Your key to Norfolk Car Club

When you first order your holdall you can buy prepaid tickets so you card comes pre-loaded, or just order a card with PAYG with sQuid and top it up when you like.



Pre-paid tickets

Prepaid tickets loaded on your holdall work automatically on the bus.

Just touch and go.

 P&R logo

The best value 10 day and season tickets for Norwich Park and Ride can be purchased and topped up on your holdall®. For a full list of prices, locations and timetables, please visit the Norwich Park and Ride website.

For more information about purchasing pre-paid tickets and Annual tickets options, please see the Pre-paid ticket details page.

 Changing ticket types or adding new annual tickets to existing holdall smartcards can be done in person at Norwich Bus Station.

Fusion logo

You can buy 1, 3 or 5 Day Fusion Tickets on your holdall smartcard to use on any participating operator service in the Greater Norwich area (valid for 28 days from day of purchase). Please note, refunds are not available for unused or expired tickets.

Click here for more details about Fusion tickets on holdall




Pay as you go


Register your holdall smartcard with sQuid, the electronic money service, and load money onto your card for pay as you go travel. To add money to the sQuid Travel Purse in your holdall simply register with sQuid, top up your account and you are ready for cashless travel.

Once registered with your holdall smartcard, the sQuid Travel Purse allows you to top up your card with pre-paid funds, safe in the knowledge that your money is protected and yours to spend on pay-as-you-go travel.

To set your holdall card up to use on a pay as you go basis;


  1. Register your holdall smartcard with the sQuid Travel Purse
  2. Add funds to your sQuid Travel Purse online

The sQuid Travel Purse can currently be used to purchase on-the-day tickets on the following services;

Note - money in your sQuid Travel Purse can only be used to buy on-the-day tickets, not season tickets. Funds cannot be transferred from one holdall smartcard to another.



Your key to Norfolk Car Club

car club logo

holdall smartcard users can join Norfolk Car Club free and use their holdall card to unlock and use the network of pay-as-you-go cars in Norwich.

If you’re an existing holdall smartcard user and would like to join the car club free and get £25 free driving, simply…

  1. Join Norfolk Car Club online today
  2. Tick “yes” to use existing smartcard
  3. Use promotional code “holdall” to waive the usual £25 joining fee and receive £25 free driving

If you are already a member of Norfolk Car Club, you can also register your holdall to be your key by changing your card settings.