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Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to the terms and conditions of this site you are providing your consent for Norfolk County Council and our system providers to store and process your personal information.

This information includes your name, address, telephone number, email and date of birth. This is for the purpose of providing you with a smartcard and online account. We do not share your information with any third party for marketing purposes or any other reason besides providing you with a smart travel card and online account.  

For more information about the personal information we process, and how your details are used to provide you with a smartcard account, please see the Privacy Statement page.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you can withdraw your consent at any time and Norfolk County Council will remove your personal information for our systems and cancel your smartcard. If you wish to no longer have a holdall account and would like us to remove your information from our systems, please contact us by emailing  

The holdall smartcard® project is smart ticketing pilot provided by Norfolk County Council. The holdall project aims to make buying transport tickets more convenient and to encourage sustainable transport. 

The holdall smartcard® is multi-operator ITSO ticketing system. The tickets sold on the holdall website and held on the holdall smartcard® are the property of the transport operator.  

Top-ups purchased on the holdall and sQuid websites before 9pm are available for use on the bus the following day. Due to the nature of a multi-operator smart ticketing network, Norfolk County Council is not in control of all of the systems require to fulfil electronic top-ups. The bus operators' ticket machines and systems must be networked daily to communicate successfully. Norfolk County Council is not in control of the bus operators' systems, but we will make every effort to assist customers in the event of technical issue affecting your holdall smartcard. No personal details are ever sent to the bus operators and all top-up and ticket information is anonymised.  


Refund and ticket validity. 

All tickets sold on the holdall smartcard are subject to the ticket policy and conditions of carriage of the bus operator.  

A brief summary of the bus operators' refund polices are below.

Norwich Park and Ride: All Park and Ride tickets are valid for one year from purchase.

Park and Ride tickets are non-refundable. The only Park and Ride product eligible for partial refunds is for unused months of an annual prepaid tickets. 



Fusion tickets are valid for 28 day from purchase.

Please note, refunds are not available for unused or expired tickets.



sQuid are an FCA regulated electronic money service. Money in your sQuid travel purse on the holdall smartcard is valid for purchasing tickets on the bus on participating bus operators only. The conditions of carriage and ticket prices are defined by the individual bus operator. Your account with sQuid is private. Norfolk County Council do not have access to your sQuid account details. If you wish to close your sQuid account and gain a refund, please contact sQuid directly requesting this. Please note, in order to provide you with a refund, sQuid will need to cancel your holdall smartcard®.

Our systems

Norfolk County Council is a member of Smart Application Management - SAM (formerly SWSAL) a not for profit, member owned managed service provider. SAM provide Norfolk with smart ticketing systems, technical expertise and customer support. SAM are consulted to assist our customers.