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Privacy Statement

Your personal details

Norfolk County Council will use the information you enter when signing up for an account for the purposes of creating a smart card, providing support and maintaining your holdall account.

Your account information includes your name, address, email, date of birth and telephone number. We use this information to send you a smartcard and provide an online account for you to access your travel tickets and journey history. We also use your contact details to provide customer support if you ever need help. We do not store any special or sensitive categories of personal information.

Our system providers

Norfolk County Council is a member of Smart Application Management - SAM (formerly SWSAL) a not for profit, member owned managed service provider. SAM provide Norfolk with smart ticketing systems, technical expertise and customer support. SAM are consulted to assist our customers.

Your account details are stored and updated in our system by our software providers. Our providers are carefully selected by SAM and all comply with strict data protection rules and your details are encrypted and stored within the UK securely. 

Travel records and transport providers

Only the serial number of your smartcard is transmitted and recorded by transport providers. Your smartcard travel history is completely anonymous and Norfolk County Council does not share your personal details or account information with any transport provider. When using your smartcard on a bus, only the serial number and travel products are recorded. Your card does not store or transmit any personal data.  

Contacting customers

The holdall system only emails customers when an action is made by the customer or technical support is required. For example, we will send you a receipt confirmation when you make a purchase, or if you sign up for a new card, we will email you to confirm your new card is on the way. We will also contact you to provide customer support if you ever need help. The system will not send you emails for marketing purposes.

Additional contact for special offers

When you sign up, you are given the extra option to request-

I wish to be kept informed of services and special offers”.

You do not need to choose this option to sign up for a holdall account, it is just an extra option you can click if you are interested.

If you would like to be kept informed of special offers, you can let us know when you sign up, or by contacting Alternatively, if you signed up and chose to be informed of special offers, but no longer wish to receive any additional emails please let us know by contacting We are committed to ensuring that you are in control of the information that we send to you and can change your settings at any time.

Closing a holdall account

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you can close your holdall account at any time. Norfolk County Council will remove your personal information from all of our systems and cancel your smartcard. If you wish to no longer have a holdall account and would like us to remove your information from our systems, please contact us by emailing