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Prepaid Tickets

Prepaid tickets loaded on your holdall work automatically on the bus.

Just touch and go.

You can buy 1, 3 or 5 Day Fusion Tickets on your holdall smartcard to use on any participating operator service in the Greater Norwich area (valid for 28 days from day of purchase). Please note, refunds are not available for unused or expired tickets.

Click here for more details about Fusion tickets on holdall

The best value 10 day and season tickets for Norwich Park and Ride can be purchased and topped up on your holdall®. For a full list of prices, locations and timetables, please visit the Norwich Park and Ride website.

Adding new tickets types and annual renewals to existing cards can be done at Norwich Bus Station. All Park and Ride ticket types can be purchased and programmed to your existing holdall instantly at Norwich Bus Station. The staff there can take payment and programme your card with tickets. Once the new ticket type is added to your card it will appear in your holdall account, so it can be topped up online in future.

Annual Park and Ride Tickets

New customers

When you first sign up for a holdall account, you will be given the option to choose what ticket you would like on your card. Pay in full online, and your new card will be pre-loaded with the tickets you purchase.

Renewing Annual tickets

To add a new annual ticket to an existing card, your card needs to be programmed with the new ticket in person. This can be done at Norwich Bus Station. Just bring your existing holdall to Norwich Bus Station and your new annual ticket can be purchased and added to your holdall instantly.

Employers Discount Scheme

If you are buying an Adult Annual Park and Ride ticket you may be eligible for a discount through the Konectbus Employers Discount Scheme. If you wish to get the discount you need add your ticket to your holdall in person at Norwich Bus Station. Order a free “Pay as you go” holdall card if you don’t have one already. Then bring your holdall and proof of entitlement to the bus station and they can sell you the Annual ticket at the discount price. For full details, please see the Konectbus website