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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in a holdall®?

What buses can I buy prepaid tickets for?

Fusion - You can buy 1, 3 or 5 Day Fusion Tickets on your holdall smartcard to use on any participating operator service in the Greater Norwich area (valid for 28 days from day of purchase). Please note, refunds are not available for unused or expired tickets.

Click here for more details about Fusion tickets on holdall

Park and Ride - The best value 10 day and season tickets for Norwich Park and Ride can be purchased and topped up on your holdall®. For a full list of prices, locations and timetables, please visit the Norwich Park and Ride website.

For more information about purchasing pre-paid tickets and Annual tickets options, please see the Pre-paid ticket details page.

What about other buses? We would love to invite more bus operators to sell their prepaid season tickets right here so you can carry them on your holdall®. If you’d like to see this happen, let your local bus operator know! Everyone is invited.

What buses can I use Pay As You Go with sQuid on?

The sQuid Travel Purse can currently be used to purchase on bus tickets on the following services;

To pay with sQuid on the bus, just ask the driver for the ticket(s) you would like to buy. The driver will enter you ticket(s) on the ticket machine.
Present you holdall, and you can pay with money in your sQuid travel purse.

Remember – to pay with sQuid you need to tell the driver what you’d like to buy first! Unlike prepaid ticket which work automatically, the driver must enter your ticket first so the machine knows how much to charge.

What about other buses? We would love to invite more bus operators to sell their prepaid season tickets right here so you can carry them on your holdall®. If you’d like to see this happen, let your local bus operator know! Everyone is invited.

How can I use Norfolk Car Club with my holdall?

You can also use your holdall smartcard as your key to Norfolk Car Club. Just register your holdall smartcard number on your car club account, and you can use your holdall to open the cars and register your journeys.

For special offers and more information see the Norfolk Car Club website. You can even get some free driving time for using a holdall!

Help with my account

What do I do if I can’t access my account?

Your username is the email address that you gave us when you signed up. If you forgot your password, click the “I forgot my password” link. We can then send you an email letting you reset your password and take control of your account. It’s pretty fast, but if you don’t see your email within a few minutes, you might want to check your “junk email” folder, just in case our message gets caught up in email filtering.

How do I change my details?

Log into your account. On the main “Dashboard” page click “Edit my details”. Here you can update all of your details. Make sure to check your address is up to date. If you have had a name change please contact us and we can update your account for you. Please bear in mind that your holdall card has your name on it. If you want to change this and order a new card, there is a fee for card replacements.

How do I get a new holdall if I lost my card?

Lost your holdall? If you need a replacement holdall smartcard, log into your account and click “Replace this holdall”. Please note: there is a £10 administration fee for replacing holdall smartcards.

We will then cancel your old card and make you a new card with any tickets you may have pre-loaded. Please note, if you use PAYG with sQuid, you will need to register your new card with your sQuid account so they can transfer the balance.

Help with my holdall®

Can I use my top-up straight away?

Top-ups you buy online before 9:00pm will be automatically sent out to all of the ticket machines on the buses. The overnight nature of the top-ups give the buses time to communicate with the online system.

Each night the buses get updated with all of the top-ups purchased that day. That way the next morning your top-up is ready and waiting for your card to come along. Your card will be automatically programmed with your top-up if you have one waiting for you on the bus or at a help point. You don’t need to do anything special. Just use your card, and the top-up will be added.

Expiry dates, journey history and ticket details are updated online within a day of using your card on the bus. This allows time for the ticket machines to communicate with the website and send your travel and collection details back.

What do I do if my card doesn’t work?

If a red light flashed when you tried to use your card on the bus, this could mean that either;

  • There are insufficient funds or tickets on the card. To resolve this, you can top-up your card.  Note: holdall smartcards cannot be used for part payment
  • Your pre-paid ticket is not valid on that service or has expired
  • Your card was presented for a sQuid pay as you go purchase without the driver first entering the ticket(s) you want to buy. As there are many different ticket prices on different services, the driver must first enter the ticket(s) you want to buy before the machine can withdraw money from your sQuid travel purse

You can see what you have on your card by asking the driver for a “smartcard print-off” or "card report". This is a print off of the current contents of your card.  You can also check your card contents at the help points at Norwich bus station and all Park and Ride sites, or by logging into your holdall or sQuid accounts.

If you are still having trouble you can contact us at to let us know what happened, and we will be happy to help.


Norfolk County Council is a member of Smart Application Management - SAM (formerly SWSAL) a not for profit, member owned managed service provider. SAM provide Norfolk with smart ticketing systems, technical expertise and customer support. SAM are consulted to assist our customers

How do I add different tickets to an existing holdall?

When you first order a holdall, you choose what types of tickets you want to use. If you change your mind and want to add different types of Park and Ride tickets, these new products can be programmed to your card in person at Norwich Bus Station. The staff at the station can take payment for the new ticket and add it to your card instantly. Then, once the new ticket type is added to your card, it will appear in your online account so you can top-up here in future.

How do I buy Annual Park and Ride tickets?

New customers

When you first sign up for a holdall account, you will be given the option to choose what ticket you would like on your card. Pay in full online, and your new card will be pre-loaded with the tickets you purchase.

Renewing Annual tickets

To add a new annual ticket to an existing card, your card needs to be programmed with the new ticket in person. This can be done at Norwich Bus Station. Just bring your existing holdall to Norwich Bus Station and your new annual ticket can be purchased and added to your holdall instantly.

Employers Discount Scheme

If you are buying an Adult Annual Park and Ride ticket you may be eligible for a discount through the Konectbus Employers Discount Scheme. If you wish to get the discount you need add your ticket to your holdall in person at Norwich Bus Station. Order a free “Pay as you go” holdall card if you don’t have one already. Then bring your holdall and proof of entitlement to the bus station and they can sell you the Annual ticket at the discount price. For full details, please see the Konectbus website